Technology content marketing campaign

On behalf of an electronics distributor, we have been producing the magazine series “The Quintessence” for many years. As a digital and print magazine, online platform, app, social media campaign and podcast. Reading this magazine gives you a comprehensive overview of technology trends and tells you which solutions you should focus on.

Creation and editing of the technology magazine

We immersed ourselves in many worlds as part of this project. Each issue is dedicated to a future market. What are the trends and most exciting applications in this area? Which technological solutions and specifically which electronic components are state of the art here? We are topic scouts and editors, organize interviews with personalities such as James Dyson and Eugene Kaspersky, write varied articles, design the magazine, create social media campaigns and videos for it and implement the app and online platform.

Insight into the content marketing customer magazine of a client from the semiconductor industry, which was implemented by our creative agency.
Insights into the digital customer magazine from the semiconductor industry, which we implement as a digital agency as part of content marketing for one of our industrial customers.
An open customer magazine as an example of a successful content marketing strategy.

Visual storytelling and digital design

Every issue is an eye-catcher. We develop varied color concepts and design the stories in such a way that their core message is highlighted. We implement the magazine’s digital presence with animations, interactive elements and sophisticated usability in such a way that readers have the best possible reading experience and our client benefits from it in the short and long term.

Long-standing customer relationships and awards

Our most important goal is satisfied customers. In this customer relationship, which has lasted for over twenty years, we are valued as doers and creatives. We contribute new ideas and our contacts, write texts in such a way that they inspire both engineers and laypeople, design in a well thought-out and eye-catching way and manage this project in a straightforward and focused manner.

And of course we are delighted that the grand jury also likes our work: the project has already won more than 20 awards.

Various issues of the customer magazine, which our creative agency has been successfully producing for many years in collaboration with an industrial customer from the semiconductor sector.

Technology topics in which we are experts

Our team of creatives, specialist editors and art directors has recently focused on these topics: Sustainable Energies, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Connectivity, Robotics, Smart Cities, Sensor Technology, Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Motor Control, Renewable Energies, Security, Internet of Things, Smart Grid, Building Automation, Healthcare, Cloud Services, Wearable Electronics, Industry 4.0, Consumer Electronics, Functional Safety, Smart Things, Automotive, RFID Technology, LED Technology, Semiconductors, Autonomous Driving, Human Machine Interfaces and Passion for Technology.