Corporate Podcast Passion for Technology

At the beginning of 2021, we designed the corporate podcast “Passion for Technology” for Europe’s leading electronics distributor and have since produced over 35 podcast episodes. Our editorial team develops the editorial concept for each podcast episode and coaches our host and the speakers we select and invite. We are also responsible for recording, editing and managing the podcast platforms.

Insight into the success of a corporate podcast that we are implementing together with a client from the semiconductor industry: Already over 30 episodes, 600 minutes and heard in over 100 countries around the world.
An insight into the recording of a corporate podcast, which we successfully implement with our clients as a digital agency.

Editing, quality optimization with AI and direction

As we are at home in technology topics, we can support our clients with our broad network of speakers, editorial ideas and discussion guidelines. The recordings take place in our virtual recording studio under the supervision of a director. This allows us to coach the speakers live during the recording and, if necessary, change, add or re-record individual questions. We then edit the podcast, add the intros and outros, revise the sound quality with the help of artificial intelligence, add music and take care of the release. As we also manage the live broadcast on all platforms, we have access to the podcast statistics and can therefore continue to expand the success of the podcast.

Format and signature question

The podcast episodes give listeners an insight into the latest technology trends relating to electronic components. Technology enthusiasts explain what is behind the technologies and what you should look out for when selecting electronic components in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for your application. In each episode, we ask our speakers the same signature closing question: “Where does your passion for technology come from?”.