Holistic branding for digitalization

Branding and digitalization topics are exactly our thing. We were able to combine both in this project. Our brief was to develop a strong branding for all the digitalization measures of a technology group. The project began with a workshop in which we developed the communicative storyline together with our client. In line with the storyline, our designers created a digital look, created infographics, developed an image pool and implemented various branding measures.

Insight into a comprehensive branding concept that was used for all of our client's digitalization measures.
Two people work and discuss in a data center. The image was used as part of the branding for all of our industrial customer's digitalization measures.
A GIF showing the various icons created as part of a large branding project.

Design for all digitization measures

A holistic digitalization strategy encompasses processes, products and working methods in companies. To ensure that every employee and stakeholder knows exactly what they can do to drive digitalization forward and position the company for the future in the best possible way, key messages need to be brought to the point and communicated in a catchy way using straightforward design, digital tools and design elements and the right imagery.

Digitalization look, branding and motion design

The creatives and designers at IndustryAgents supported the client’s digitalization team with strong designs and gave the communication measures a digital touch with animations, music and films.