Creation and implementation of an NFT collection

NFTs make our technology pioneer hearts beat faster and offer endless scope for creativity and design. Stored as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, the tech avatars we create are door openers for exclusive events and assets.

As a digital agency, we have designed our own NFT collection and made it available on the Ethereum blockchain via OpenSea.
Cover picture of our own NFT collection

Modular design with AI

NFTs are usually designed on a modular basis. It is common practice to use algorithms and artificial intelligence to create a variety of unique characters. However, creation involves much more than design: what concrete added value (tickets, monetary gain, etc.) do the NFTs offer? Which platform is used to mine the NFTs? Which drops are planned?

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and minting

To understand NFTs, you need to know the logic of the blockchain. We minted the TechAgents collection in Etherium via Opensea. We love creating and implementing NFT collections and are always happy to receive new project inquiries.