Creation and design of Oktoberfest merchandising

As a Munich agency, we love the Oktoberfest. Projects that have to do with the ‘Wiesn’ make us particularly happy.

If you have a table in the Käfer tent, you can have it decorated with Wiesn accessories as you wish. On behalf of Käfer Feinkost, we produced decorative flyers for the selection of accessories and created and designed various decorative items.

Decorated Oktoberfest tent by Käfer with merchandising, which was realized by our creative agency.
Jewelry bracelets were also implemented by our agency for Oktoberfest merchandising.
The picture shows an Oktoberfest-Cracker, together with a bracelet and personalized card. Everything was designed and produced as part of an Oktoberfest merchandising project.
Five Wiesn crackers side by side, designed as part of the Oktoberfest merchandising.

Oktoberfest table decoration

As the leading Bavarian figure, we designed a beetle dachshund as a bubbly swimming animal and airwalker balloon, created Oktoberfest bangers and flower bracelets and realized photo box accessories.